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About PlenQì

“…energy is our greatest currency”

PlenQì is the brainchild of Inge Visser – IIN certified health coach, cooking enthusiast and photographer. The name ‘PlenQì’ takes its inspiration from ‘qi’ (or ‘chi’), known in traditional Chinese culture to be a vital force that moves through all life and things.

PlenQì (pronounced plen-chee) is a wellness platform that celebrates the ‘plenty’ of life energy that flows within all of us. Expect a visually enticing collection of recipes, tips, interviews and photo journeys to help you feel great and make better choices for ultimate health and wellbeing.

About Inge

Hi, I’m Inge and I’m thrilled that you’re here sharing your time and energy with me. My wish is to inspire you in some way by sharing the things I’m passionate about. Most of my days involve exploring life with our busy toddler, some form of exercise, playing in the kitchen, looking through my camera lens and thinking, dreaming and reading about health and wellness.

I’m a South African living in Stellenbosch – a vastly different environment than China where I lived with my husband for a few fortunate years.

While living in Shanghai, I developed a strong awareness around what impact food and lifestyle have on our daily lives. This led me to the decision to expand my knowledge and study holistic nutrition. It opened up a journey of self-discovery and awakened a curiosity around wellness with a strong need to make sense of all the contradicting information around nutrition.

I’m particularly interested in gut health since I personally witnessed what tremendous impact it has – not only on digestion but also on numerous aspects of wellbeing.

I love to help people be healthier versions of themselves and to unleash more energy through the way they eat, breathe and live! I’ve done this in various guises in my life, from running a salad bar restaurant, to hosting cooking classes and health coaching friends and family while living in the East.

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 Investing time and energy in your own health is priceless”

When it comes to food, Asian flavours have naturally had a huge influence on my own cooking style, but I also love to fuse techniques with various types of foods, creating healthier versions in the process. I adore fresh ingredients – it instantly provokes enthusiasm for chopping up a storm and creating my most favorite dish: salads. Expect to see plenty!

With the spotlight on nutrition, I don’t believe there is one fad or label we should all follow. There is no one-size-fits-all way to look and feel better. We are all unique in our own way. Diet culture puts way too much pressure and stress on us. My purpose is to guide you on how to use nutrition as the catalyst to become more in tune, connected, and aware of your wellbeing. Only you know your body and what works best for you. It’s an ongoing journey and important to listen to and honour its cues. The more you learn, the more you can bring aspects of different diets into a sustainable way of eating.

Continuously educating myself, along with relevant industry experience, has equipped me with the right tools and deep understanding to assist others. My greatest wish is to inspire people to feel their best and to be more educated around their food choices.

Thank you for visiting PlenQì. I hope you enjoy the happy moments I share, the food I love and the wellness inspiration I bring. I love to collaborate with others so if you have a project in mind, please feel free to get in touch.

My inspiration gallery…

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”

© Inge Jeanne Visser | All photos are taken by me. Please contact me should you wish to use these images in any format.

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